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Professional texts for therapists, naturopaths and other self-employed in the health sector

If you run your business alone, as I do, your day-to-day challenges probably keep you very busy. Therefore, you may not have the time for more marketing and advertising. Perhaps the somewhat dusty flyer finally needs to be updated? Or you would like to become more active online and write appealing texts for your website or social media presence? A new newsletter or blog article has also been on your to-do list for a while, but you lack ideas?

Since health topics are a matter close to my heart, I will be happy to support you in

  • reformulating your website texts and prepare them under SEO aspects
  • writing newsletter texts with real added value for the reader
  • revising an existing printed text
  • write a (blog) article on a health-related topic according to your specifications
  • and, of course, checking your texts for linguistic correctness.

If you wish, I can also take over the handling of print projects, i.e. the cooperation with other service providers from start to finish.

If you need suggestions, recommendations or tips on general marketing topics, I will also be happy to advise you.

Simply arrange a free initial consultation. This is the best way to clarify whether and how I can support you.

Please note that this offer is mainly targeted at German-speaking customers.

Under “My other passion” you can learn more about me and why the topic of holistic health is so close to my heart.

My thanks to Jutta for a healthy mix of understanding for my topics, structured approach and very reliable implementation. Thanks to her, I can rely on my texts for the various fitness and health media getting the finishing touches and everything being coordinated.

The texts she has prepared herself, e.g. on the immune system, also fit very well into the overall picture and take a lot of work off my hands. 

Please keep it up!

Timo Gudrich

Timo Gudrich of


How much does proofreading/editing cost?

It depends on the type and scope of the work. To estimate the effort involved, I first need to know the type and quantity of text. Let’s talk about it. And remember: Even with a small budget you can achieve a big effect!

Do I need to submit my texts or text drafts in a particular format?

Do you already have existing material? Great. Then send it to me as a Word® file or as a PDF. I can do the corrections in both formats, depending on your wishes. Either in the track-change mode in Word® or as comments in the PDF file.

How long does the editing take?

This, too, depends on the amount of text and the scope of the desired work. The best thing is to tell me when exactly you need the finished file. Then I can confirm this deadline or give you a realistic date.

Do you work with other service providers?

Of course, upon your request I can work with photographers, graphic designers and printers to ensure you get the best possible result. If you already have service providers on hand, all the better. I am also happy to put you in touch with experts with whom I have worked successfully and in a spirit of trust over the years.

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