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Copy and more: complementary marketing services

The big picture

If you want to stand out from your competitors, think beyond your copy! Holistically, so to speak. Because it is only part of a whole, which also includes the appropriate visual world, uniform corporate design and an overall concept in which it is embedded. Sounds elaborate? It is not. It is rather an organic process. 

I would be happy to advise you on appropriate imagery or check your layout for compliance with your CD/CI criteria.

Are you a global player? As soon as I have familiarized myself with your terminology, I will also translate technical copy from English into German.

And if you are lacking both time and resources: I will coordinate your project (managing vendors such as printers, photographers, graphic designers) until successful completion. 

I can also provide advice content in general: How does the text fit with your other content? What other media are suitable for the topic? Can the text be used in different formats for different channels? And much more.

Additional benefits that create real added value for you!

How I work

While I edit or research your copy, I think about the context. How does the text fit in with other content; what material is still missing from the customer’s point of view to make a purchase decision? Would a product video be helpful or an instruction of use?

I will submit my ideas to you. Do you think my suggestions are valuable? Great! Then we can plan further steps, depending on how urgent they are and how much budget is available. Or we can put them on the back burner for the time being and talk about them later. According to your wishes and requirements.